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Strengths Habit Program

Download a FREE program tailored for people who want to turn their talents into strengths, become more excellent in life and work, and increase their general well-being.   Using daily exercises designed to build habits,  the program is designed around your top 10 CliftonStrengths (5 at a time).    Every day is a different exercise with focus on small actions (varies from 2 minutes to 20 minutes) and 1 journal investment a day.

Emotional Intelligence

This easy and powerful program is designed for clients looking to increase their emotional intelligence, which is incredibly important and powerful. Emotional Intelligence is strongly linked with better marriages, relationships, more success at work, and more happiness. This program pairs nicely with most coaching programs and is a powerful tool to helping clients to improve almost all facets of their lives. 

No charge.  Just habit building!

Happiness and Success at Work

This habit program is built on the principles of positive psychology and applied to the workplace. It focuses on building positive relationships, creating greater meaning, more positive experiences, growth and development, and preparing for success. 

Extensive research on each of these areas of growth demonstrate that they are each critically important to happiness, engagement, and success at work. 

​No charge.  Just habit building!

Building a Business

This program is designed for individuals who are in the HUSTLE stage of the business. Basically, they are hunting HARD for new business. It focuses purely on sales and marketing activities and helps entrepreneurs develop solid marketing and sales habits.

It is not an easy habit program. In fact, some call it more of an accountability program. We liken it to a sales bootcamp. Unlike the majority of habit programs, this program can assign up to 8 exercises a day and some of these exercises can be 60 minutes. We strongly suggest using this program if you are a new entrepreneur or you are struggling to get clients. It really works. You will get results if you follow the program. But it is hard to do. 

No charge.  Just help!