Designing Destinies

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Emergenetics Associate
Executive Coaching / Emotional Intelligence & Accountability 



Daily Exercises

Habit Building

EQ Work

Emotional Intelligence

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Emergenetics-Certified Associate, Executive Coach, Managment accountability expert, Leadership development and Life skills mentor
Habits are an essential piece of personal growth and development.  Leverage this system to build long-lasting habits for success one day at a time. 

No Charge.  Just habit building! 

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​​ Self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management; individual and group work ​​ ​ 

Personal Growth

Using basic human needs, your "strengths", your love languages and your spiritual gifts, we will design a "divine purpose" plan that ties all of these passions together.  Working on your work/life balance ensuring that you are growing not only to your best potential but also to your life's purpose.

Professional Mentoring

Whether it's accountability coaching, accelerating growth through leadership and execution, building sustainable success, emotional intelligence skills for team leaders or strategic planning, we will focus on mental conditioning as a form of learning and set growth goals and plans into action.
Take back your life.  Stop looking for others to take responsibility.  Figure out your part of the puzzle and learn how to leverage it to take your control back.  Personally or professionally... this is a life changer!
Study the different groups and learn how to speak eachother's language.  From traditionalists to millenials, connect the generations to leverage understanding and leadership execution.
Understand human needs, be vulnerable, challenge distorted thinking, take risks, allow dependant feelings, recognize defenses, become comfortable with uncomfortable, pray & meditate, be empathetic and say YES to life!