Designing Destinies

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Emergenetics Associate
Executive Coaching / Emotional Intelligence & Accountability 

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Your greatest power and potential reside in the distinct,
predictable ways you think, feel and act.
According to Gallup’s research,
people who know their strengths and use them are 3X more likely
to report having an excellent quality of life than those who
do not know their strengths;
people who use their strengths at work are 6X more likely to be engaged in their jobs.
Knowing and using your strengths contributes to
positive emotions,
personal engagement and increased productivity.

Top 5 Strengths
34 Theme Sequence Series
*One 60-minute session...       a coaching conversation over the phone that will enhance your understanding of the power and potential inherent in your unique talents. We will discuss your Clifton Strengths Top 5 results and discoveries and help you become more aware of where you use your natural talents in your life. Together, you will identify specific actions to take to apply your talents in areas that matter most to you.
*Three 60-minute coaching series...       for individuals who are ready to go beyond knowing a little about their talents to fully appreciating and understanding their natural talents and strengths. You will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths profile; new insights into your talents; a greater appreciation of the unique ways you think, feel and behave; and specific strategies for developing your talents and using them to accomplish what matters most to you.
Manager Coaching Series
Team Coaching Session
*Three 60-minute coaching series...       helping managers understand the pivotal role that they play in their organizations. Being a manager can be challenging, and we can find new ways to enhance your effectiveness as a manager and your performance outcomes.

Your greatest power and potential reside in the unique, predictable ways you think, feel and act.  You will discover new ways to use your strengths and the strengths of your team, enhance the engagement of your team, and aim their strengths at the performance outcomes that matter most to you. With each coaching session building on the previous one, this series gives you the opportunity to have ongoing conversations about your progress and challenges.

*Half day series...       building social awareness around team strengths, team talent domains and team commitments.  Understand your dynamics and potential using Gallup Strengths Finder to transform teams and improve lives.

*Full day series...       focused on coaching strategies for managers and teams to learn how to appreciate the unique strengths of others so that they can maximize their team's performance outcomes. 

*Offsite retreats...       learning how to help others harness their strengths for great personal and professional productivity and engagement.  The team will gain an understanding of theme dynamics and how they affect relationships, performance and outcomes.  Participants learn techniques and strategies for helping individuals and teams work together, address and overcome challenges, and achieve success.  
CliftonStrengths for Your Organization

Get the Best Out of Your People to Get the Best Out of Your Business

Workplaces that will win in the future require a change in strategy today.

At the core of that strategy sits a focus on strengths.

CliftonStrengths solutions are essential to empowering your managers, developing your employees and improving your organization’s performance.

Why Your Workplace Must Lead With CliftonStrengths.....Culture wins.

And a winning culture is one that values strengths-based development. Because a strengths-based workplace is transformational; it’s a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization.

In transformational, strengths-based workplaces, culture is borne of a shift from the old ways of managing people to the right ways of developing them.

1.     Purpose vs. Paycheck
People want work that’s meaningful to them. Understanding where they’re strongest allows employees to connect with their company’s purpose.

2.     Development vs. Satisfaction
People don't really care about frivolous perks at work. They want to be developed in ways that tap their natural talents so they can succeed.

3.     Coach vs. Boss
People want managers who can coach them to understand and apply their CliftonStrengths, and who value them as people and employees.

4.     Conversations vs. Reviews
People want ongoing feedback and genuine discussions about how they’re doing, not a one-time and one-sided meeting.

5.     Strengths vs. Weaknesses
People want the chance to do what they naturally do best, every day. Because weaknesses never turn into strengths, and strengths develop infinitely.

6.     Life vs. Job
People want an authentic relationship with managers that includes talk about both work and life. They want to work somewhere that values their strengths and invests in their ongoing development.

Workgroups that receive Strengths-based development have:
14-29% increased profit
10%-19% increased sales
3%-7% higher customer engagement

CliftonStrengths Boosts Your Business

The business case for CliftonStrengths Gallup research reveals that the most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.  They understand that how they position, develop and empower their people makes all the difference in their workplace culture.  And they experience firsthand the benefits, both measurable and immeasurable, that a strengths-based culture can bring to their business.